Time Off

So I usually do a little monthly wrap-up of my month in pictures, but college started back up again and I’ve just gotten so incredibly busy. There’s a lot going on in my life, and it really does pain me to not be updating this blog as often as I would like to.

It’s time for an official break away, as I focus on other things. Maybe I’ll give random updates when inspiration hits. Maybe I won’t. Time will tell.

Feel free to keep up with me.


x Emily

July 2016 in Pictures

Okay, I know. I didn’t post much this past month.

I’ve been in a reading slump, which I get every so often after binge-reading a ton of books. It was inevitable, but not so great for my creativity, since I’m usually heavily inspired by what I’m reading at the time (fun fact, “Passionate” was inspired by Aristotle and Dante). Also, I started my summer job this month, which actually ends in a week, and then I’m off to college for my second year. Yeah. How can summer be both such a fast, yet slow, few months?

Many apologies for taking a long break from writing, though I can’t promise that posting will be regular again, since college will undoubtedly be a stressful time and doing creative writing that I would want to share will be rare. (Callback to what I wrote in my first post, about the trouble of consistently keeping up with new things. It’s a real struggle.)

Regardless, here’s how my month panned out in a few pictures. There were many good times, though looking back at it now, many bad times as well. Like, more bad times than usual. But thankfully, all is well now and there is no photographic evidence of those times.

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And Countless Others #BlackLivesMatter

Taken at Beyoncé’s concert on July 7th | “And Countless Others”

(I’m Asian American, and I’m usually wary of speaking about topics of race that doesn’t concern my own, for the fear of overstepping the line as my role as an ally to these movements. But after recent events, and just seeing these tragedies happen over and over again, it’s hard to sit in silence. Please let me know if I’m ever overstepping boundaries. Always trying to become a better ally.)

Michael Brown’s murder was something that hit me hard. When he died, he was in the same point of his life as I was. I remember seeing the picture of him in his cap and gown everywhere and feeling so much grief. Because I was a senior in high school too, I had pictures of me in my cap and gown as well. But because of actions of police brutality and racism—things that someone like me, in my own race and location, cannot relate to—only one of us would be able to graduate.

That was the moment when it really hit me, when I became so painfully aware of the injustices at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us, and the correlation of these deaths to the community they were happening in: poor, black communities. Of course, this wasn’t the first incident of things like this happening, nor is it the last, but this spurred an outrage in me that was previously sitting dormant, just waiting to erupt.

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We’re sitting in my room. It’s a small space, but it’s enough. Every object has its place; the bed against the window, the dresser and desk adjacent to that, a thin rug in the center of the room, a bean bag chair in the corner. Pictures and tapestries adorn the walls. It feels like home.

Sun streams through the window blinds, little columns of light brightening the bed you’re lying on. I usually don’t let others make themselves so comfortable in my space. After all, it’s my space. But you’re the exception. You always are.

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June 2016 in Pictures

Like every other month, this June passed by quick. It was my first full month of summer break, so it was mostly spent chilling and trying to not think about upcoming responsibilities that come with the fall. A lot of my time was spent doing my favorite things: reading (see: Goodreads), hanging out with friends, and doing other random miscellaneous things. So there aren’t many pictures because 1) I forgot to take any, and 2) the things I usually do are average as hell. But here’s what ensued:

June 4th: Years & Years – Gov Ball After Dark @ Webster Hall, New York, NY


Years & Years is one of my favorite bands, and I missed their fall tour because I was away for college. When I saw that they were playing the day after their Governor’s Ball set, I bought tickets so quick to finally fulfill my dream of seeing them live.

They were so much fun, and I literally couldn’t stop smiling throughout the entire thing. All three of them just love what they do, and Olly, the lead singer, is so comfortable being himself, it was just so inspiring. I sang along, I cried at one point, and it was such a good night.

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Book Review: The Mortal Instruments


“There will always be those who want to tell you who you are based on your name or the blood in your veins. Do not let other people decide who you are. Decide for yourself.” (City of Heavenly Fire, 717)

Started: May 12th | Finished: June 25th

Rating: 4/5

I wanted to review this series as a whole, rather than the six books individually (though I will give a short rundown of them at the end), because I did basically binge-read these, so it’s easier (also they all kind of blend together).

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