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Research & Literary Papers

The “Trend” of Diverse Storytelling Within Children’s Literature: An analysis of racially diverse literature and counter-storytelling within children’s literature. Breakdowns what the current literary landscape looks like for diverse literature, why diverse books are important, and how the industry needs to change to ensure that diverse storytelling isn’t merely a lucrative “trend.” Written for senior seminar, “Authors, Editors, and the Literary Marketplace” in December 2018.

Miss Amelia’s Cognitive Dissonance in “The Ballad of the Sad Café”: An analysis on how cognitive dissonance afflicts the character of Miss Amelia in Carson McCullers’s “The Ballad of Sad Café.” Written for the course, “Modern Novella” in December 2018.

The Language of Manipulation in Lolita: A literary analysis of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita and the effect of his language choice on the reader. Written for the course, “Dangerous Children” in December 2017.

Victorian Prison Systems and Homosexuality: An analysis of the crime of homosexuality in Victorian prison systems, looking into the impact of public trials and the overarching question of what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment (looked through the example of Oscar Wilde and his trials). Written for the course, “The Case of Sherlock Holmes: Race, Gender, and Crime in the British Empire” in May 2017.

Social Media’s Impact on Social Justice Movements: A research paper that delves into the positive impact of social media in the mobilization of social justice movements, specifically for young adults (analyzed in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement). Written to fulfill the primary writing requirement, “Reasoning and Writing in the College,” in December 2015.

Creative Writing


Radio Silence (April 2018): A short story about a college student, her radio show, and talking even if no one is listening.


Drown (May 2018): A poem about the inevitability of drowning and fleetingness of love.

When Asleep (May 2018): A poem about dreaming.