Book Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower


“It was pretty straightforward, I thought, and the great part is that I took what the author wrote about and put it in terms of my own life. Maybe that’s what being a filter means.” (169)

Started: January 4th | Finished: January 7th

Rating: 5/5

I first read this in eighth grade. I remember this because during homeroom, a classmate saw me sitting alone and reading instead of talking with anyone and asked me if I was lonely. I replied no, because why would I be?

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Book Review: The Mortal Instruments


“There will always be those who want to tell you who you are based on your name or the blood in your veins. Do not let other people decide who you are. Decide for yourself.” (City of Heavenly Fire, 717)

Started: May 12th | Finished: June 25th

Rating: 4/5

I wanted to review this series as a whole, rather than the six books individually (though I will give a short rundown of them at the end), because I did basically binge-read these, so it’s easier (also they all kind of blend together).

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Book Review: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe


“Scars. A sign that you had been hurt. A sign that you had healed. Had I been hurt? Had I healed? Maybe we just lived between hurting and healing.” (335)

Started: June 2nd | Finished: June 9th

Rating: 5/5

It’s unbelievable how much I fell in love with this book. The writing, the story, the characters…Benjamin Alire Sáenz truly left me speechless.

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