Writing Samples: Quick Links


Victorian Prison Systems and Homosexuality: An analysis of the crime of homosexuality in Victorian prison systems, through the example of Oscar Wilde and his trials. Delves into the impact of public trials and the overarching questioning of what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. Written for the course, “The Case of Sherlock Holmes: Race, Gender, and Crime in the British Empire” in May 2017.

Coates and Black Lives Matter & Afropessimism: An analysis of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me” and its relation to the Black Lives Matter movement and Afropessimism. Written for the course, “African American Autobiography,” in December 2016.

Social Media’s Impact on Social Justice Movements: A research paper that delves into the positive impact of social media in the mobilization of social justice movements, specifically for young adults–analyzed in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement. Written to fulfill the primary writing requirement, “Reasoning and Writing in the College,” in December 2015.

Creative Writing:

Reunion (February 2017)

Passionate (July 2016)

Gunshot (June 2016)


Twitter: @emdashzhu

LinkedIn: Emily Zhu


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