Seven Resolutions for 2017


(I was going to do 17 resolutions, but then I’ll just be lying to myself about keeping up with any of them.)

Happy New Year! May 2017 bring better times and better vibes.

Though I never quite enjoy New Year celebrations as much as other people seem to do, it is usually a time for introspection and to look over what I did the past year and what I want to change for this next year. And even though I woke up this morning feeling no different than I did in 2016, a new number is just something tangible to mark a new beginning, which is the main reason why I actually like New Years.

And with every new year, comes the resolutions. I’m not opposed to making resolutions because although they’re often abandoned and forgotten, it’s still a nice way to start off the next twelve months. A list of aspirations and goals to help guide your time.

I’ve made many resolutions in the past, but to be honest, I usually make the same resolutions every year, so I never really know if I do accomplish them. Maybe I do, but I just want to continue to keep doing them or just do them better. It’s all about continual growth. And as I grow older, I tend to focus in on specific goals, which is why “write more” has been one of my resolutions for the past four years. Because you can never really write enough, can you?

So after much thought, I present my seven resolutions for 2017. Because 2017 will be a good year. I’ll make sure of it. 

1. Write more.

Ah, this goal has been in my life for a number of years, but again, when will I ever write too much?

2016 was a year where my writing output was dismal. Creative writing became scarce, I stopped journaling altogether, and though this blog was born in 2016, I stopped updating this too. Where did that fire go?

This year, I’m determined to just write and keep writing and never stop. I refuse for this year to become a long writing slump like last year was. So, I want to write more. I want to write more short stories (which are often difficult for me because beginnings and endings are hard and I never know how to write either of them), do more journaling (my poor Moleskines are just gathering dust in my drawer), and do more blogging. I want to at least do one post per month, preferably more, but one post at the minimum. I know it’s not a lot, but I did go four months without posting last year, so it’ll still be a step-up.

2. Read more.

Another constant goal of my life.

I did read a fair amount last year, but can always read more. I tend to fall into reading slumps and never seem to read for fun at college, so I want to change that. Just read more, read feverishly, and maybe highlight some more because that usually keeps me focused. Also, quotes are beautiful things.

Add me on Goodreads to see what I’m up to book-wise! I also love seeing what others are reading and that usually influences what I read. I’m starting 2017 off with The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson, because why not jump back into reading with some loved and trusted YA?

3. Be more honest about how I feel.

I’m someone who pulls back when they’re feeling down. I crawl back into my shell and shut down. And I don’t necessarily want to force myself to interact with others when I’m feeling down, but I just want to be more honest with how I’m feeling.

I usually never tell others if I’m not doing okay because my instinct is to be silent and alone. I still want to be able to be alone and deal with things how I do, but also, I want to be able to let someone know if I’m not doing okay. Because I’ll at least know that someone is there for me, even if they’re not physically with me. I don’t really need the comfort of others to feel better, but just letting someone know that I’m not doing that great, with the understanding that they won’t suffocate and coddle me, should help with my mental state.

4. Think healthier.

I am a pessimist. I often jump to the most negative conclusions, the worst case-scenarios, and my mind fills up with this negativity. And though I can’t help it sometimes, there are times when I just invite those thoughts in, because in some twisted way, that feels more comforting to me.

And I want to change that. I think this will be the hardest of my resolutions because my anxious and negative thoughts are impossible to control, but maybe just change how I view things. Stop inviting those thoughts in.

5. Focus less on likes/loves/favorites/retweets.

I love social media. I’m not going to deny that. I’ve written multiple essays about social media and its impact on this current generation, because while there are obvious negative aspects of social media, there are so many positive ones that older generations never seem to focus on when writing their articles about the decaying millennial generation. I love being a millennial and accept the connotation that comes with that statement.

And with millennialism and social media, there’s such a strong focus on things like likes and retweets and favorites. Though I don’t think that’s a completely bad thing because it does help self-confidence in some ways, for me personally, I find that a lot of my self-worth and validation comes from these numbers. If a photo I post doesn’t get that many likes, I can feel myself getting down about it. The self-confidence thing works both ways.

Which is why I just want to focus less on that. Focus less on numbers, on likes, on views. Though my love for social media will never cease, hopefully my obsession with likes will.

6. Spend less and save more.

Do I really need those emoji magnets? How much happiness will that bring me in the long run?

7. Be okay with who I am and stop comparing myself to others.

This goes back to the whole social media thing, because with social media, there’s also the ability to see what others are constantly doing. I’m someone who values their alone time, but after seeing my friend’s picture of how much fun they’re having without me, that alone time doesn’t seem as worth it anymore. But my introversion is so apart of me, so why am I so jealous of someone’s extroversion?

This is also a constant thought in my mind, and I think there will always be times when I’m still comparing myself to others, but I want to focus less on the qualities of others and more on my own qualities. Because those qualities are what make other people them and my qualities are what make me me. It seems like such an obvious thought, but I still find myself wanting to be like others, even though that’ll just invalidate who I am. I need to start validating my own self.


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