A Quest for Theme and Content

a-startMy current journal from Moleskine

I started this blogging thing on a whim, a result of a boring, monotonous summer night.

But it has always been a long-term goal of mine, just something I kept constantly putting off until now. So I did do a lot of research before diving into any of this, searching the Internet for tips on starting blogs, how to run a successful blog, best websites to use, etc. I’m always seeking validation through a second opinion.

But god, did that just increase the pressure and intimidation (blog-timidation?).

I was stuck on every decision, from whether to self-host (we all know how that worked out) to what my URL should be to the look and ~aesthetic~ I wanted my blog to have.

But the number one thing that I couldn’t decide on was content.

A common point in all the how-to-blog guides I read—and I’ve read many—was the need to have a theme. Something to consistently blog about. A focus.

And I had no idea what that would be. Honestly, I still don’t know.

I do love writing, especially journaling. I journal whenever I have the time. But to have what I write about in my journal to be written for the public eye, well, I’m not ready for that level of embarrassment and hatred yet.

I just don’t know what type of blogger to be. There’s limitless options out there, like should I be:

  • A lifestyle blogger, who posts OOTDs and product reviews? (Though I don’t go out enough or own the necessary amount of clothes to constantly think of different outfits. Also, I’ve been using the same foundation for two years now. I really don’t feel qualified to give my opinion on this stuff.)
  • A niche blogger, who has a specific interest and focuses in on that topic? (My interests mostly lie in, 1) social media, 2) pop culture, and 3) civil rights issues. Not sure if I’m ready to dedicate my blog to writing about any of those topics, though I’m always down for discussing them.)
  • A literary blogger, who posts book hauls and writing samples? (The scariest option of them all, as someone who’s already overcritical of herself. Also, I don’t write creatively enough. Also, book hauls are expensive, though I do browse used bookstores on a weekly basis. It’s not good for my wallet.)

So the most important thing that I should have figured out before diving into this whole blogging thing is one of the only things that I can’t figure out.

Having such an open space, something that’s still so new and can be filled with absolutely anything, is intimidating. But so is the idea that I need to have a certain framework for my blog. I’ve always been someone who liked planning and organization, but in this case, it feels restricting. I don’t want to force myself into a box.

It’s contradictory, the notion of being stinted with the prospect of too much freedom and not enough. But it’s the contradiction I find myself in.

So going against all the blogger guides I’ve read, I’ve decided to not choose a definitive theme.

People start blogs with a certain goal in mind, to document their travel excursions, to share gardening tips, to make a career out of their writing, and that’s very good for them, but I think I’ll just go with the flow with this one. Which is something I’m still learning how to do, how to not plan every single thing of my life and to accept that things will be imperfect, no matter how much I try to prevent mistakes. (I mean, just look at all the pre-planning I did for this blog and all the guides I’ve skimmed through because of my innate fear of failure. It’s not healthy.)

So what will this blog entail? I don’t know. Some personal ramblings, some op-eds, some writing samples, some book hauls, and I’m sure other things will find its way onto this site.

I’m confident I’ll find my own little, unique niche.