A Start

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Goal: Start a blog 5d70c30b2d8567e3a2a37996e282ff77

I’m Emily, and this is my blog.

I’ve been wanting to start blogging for months now, it’s one of my goals of 2016. And I was close to doing it in the beginning of the year too, you know, when resolutions should be started. I had a domain registered, a hosting site chosen, and a lot of motivation, which is probably the most important thing of all.

Then, I found out that I really didn’t have the money to do one of those professional self-hosted sites. So a frantic return call later, in which all my progress was undone, I was left without a site and without any motivation. Which is how most resolutions end.

But here I am, a few months later from that incident, opting for the free option. Because this is where everyone usually starts, right? (I’ll work my way back up eventually.)

People always say that starting something new is the hardest part. But I have to disagree, because trying to keep up with that something new is definitely much more difficult. There has to be a constant flow of inspiration, things that keep motivation and work ethic high.

Inspiration is hard to find. Well, I have a tendency to be inspired by the smallest things—a song lyric, people I see on the train, fleeting thoughts of a dream I had—but it’s hard to make those moments into something. Something that’s whole, concrete, tangible. To create is to be committed, to be vulnerable, to access your mind and let your creativity and subconscious run free while your consciousness documents it.

That’s something I’m still figuring out how to do.

But a start is better than nothing.


9 thoughts on “A Start

  1. Congratulations on your bloggerific beginnings! It gets easier … and sometimes it gets harder … and on some days it’s downright impossible. But, if it weren’t challenging and hard it wouldn’t feel so crazy-satisfying when you finally hit that “publish” button. Have fun!

  2. I relate when it comes to inspiration! There’s so many inspiring things out there; the amazing thing is being able to use that inspiration to make something beautiful. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll be inspired by.

  3. I loved this. I completely agree about keeping up being the hardest. My blog was easy to start a couple of months ago but keeping it updated, even though I’m on a weekly schedule, is hard. I get easily inspired too but turning that slight whim into something of substance … not so easy all the time. But I really enjoyed this start 🙂


  4. Well, I think you have done a great start! To be honest I’m parted, it does take a lot of courage and will to start something and at the same time it does take a lot of driving effort to keep it going, so I wouldn’t know which one is harder 😅.
    But glad you started and have kept constant 😊

  5. You have already taken the biggest, hardest step. You created a blog, see, you’re creating already 😀 The best advice I can give you is Love Blogging, that’s the most important thing. If you do this, then everything else will fall into place in due time.

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