Writing Samples: Quick Links


Coates and Black Lives Matter & Afropessimism: An analysis of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me” and its relation to the Black Lives Matter movement and Afropessimism. Written for the course, “African American Autobiography,” in December 2016.

Social Media’s Impact on Social Justice Movements: A research paper that delves into the positive impact of social media in the mobilization of social justice movements, specifically for young adults–analyzed in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement. Written to fulfill the primary writing requirement, “Reasoning and Writing in the College,” in December 2015.

Victorian Prison Systems and Homosexuality: An analysis of the crime of homosexuality in Victorian prison systems, through the example of Oscar Wilde and his trials. Delves into the impact of public trials and the overarching questioning of what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. Written for the course, “The Case of Sherlock Holmes: Race, Gender, and Crime in the British Empire” in May 2017.

Creative Writing:

Gunshot (June 2016)

Reunion (February 2017)

Passionate (July 2016)


Author’s Note: I wrote this for my Creative Writing: Fiction class as a scene assignment. Let me know what you think.

Clouds fill the sky, coloring the city grey and threatening civilians with rain. Alex feels the wind pierce through her thin jacket and settle into her bones, the late fall getting to her. She stands on the corner, facing the street, anxiously shaking her leg, and watches the cars slowly inch by.

“Late again,” she mutters to herself, as she checks her watch and looks down the sidewalks, where he was nowhere in sight. For once in his life, will it kill him to be early?

Alex exhales, exasperated, and crosses her arms, hoping that this would somehow protect her from the cold. Her leg continues to fidget. She thinks about all the other times he was late, to art shows, to celebrations, to other dinners. Add this to the count.

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When Trump Was Elected

Taken at a protest held at my school

Note: I wrote this in the early morning of November 9th. I was drained, I was behind on my schoolwork, and most of all, I was upset. Incredibly upset. And in this state, I wrote the following post, to document my feelings and my reactions. And as Trump gets inaugurated today, I can’t let myself forget how I felt and where I was and how I won’t stop fighting.

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Book Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower


“It was pretty straightforward, I thought, and the great part is that I took what the author wrote about and put it in terms of my own life. Maybe that’s what being a filter means.” (169)

Started: January 4th | Finished: January 7th

Rating: 5/5

I first read this in eighth grade. I remember this because during homeroom, a classmate saw me sitting alone and reading instead of talking with anyone and asked me if I was lonely. I replied no, because why would I be?

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Seven Resolutions for 2017


(I was going to do 17 resolutions, but then I’ll just be lying to myself about keeping up with any of them.)

Happy New Year! May 2017 bring better times and better vibes.

Though I never quite enjoy New Year celebrations as much as other people seem to do, it is usually a time for introspection and to look over what I did the past year and what I want to change for this next year. And even though I woke up this morning feeling no different than I did in 2016, a new number is just something tangible to mark a new beginning, which is the main reason why I actually like New Years.

And with every new year, comes the resolutions. I’m not opposed to making resolutions because although they’re often abandoned and forgotten, it’s still a nice way to start off the next twelve months. A list of aspirations and goals to help guide your time.

I’ve made many resolutions in the past, but to be honest, I usually make the same resolutions every year, so I never really know if I do accomplish them. Maybe I do, but I just want to continue to keep doing them or just do them better. It’s all about continual growth. And as I grow older, I tend to focus in on specific goals, which is why “write more” has been one of my resolutions for the past four years. Because you can never really write enough, can you?

So after much thought, I present my seven resolutions for 2017. Because 2017 will be a good year. I’ll make sure of it. 

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On 2016

Hi friends. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been home for about two weeks now, having just finished my first semester of sophomore year. I forget how busy and tired I get throughout the semester, to the point where the things that I love to do, like free-write, end up being put on the back-burner.

That’s something I’d like to work on going into next semester, just managing my time more wisely, so I have time for things I like, as well as for things I actually have to do.

Ah, consistent writing. It’s been one of my New Year’s Resolutions for many years, but maybe next year will be the year (she says with a deep, deep sigh).

2016 was a weird, sad year. I think the general consensus will agree.

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